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Tracking Twitter Follower Count

Twitter is a social media platform with a vibrant community of enthusiastic people. It’s easy to find new people to follow, and you can easily message them or share links. It also allows you to share your thoughts with the world. How do you track your follower count on Twitter over time? In this article, we will show you how to easily track your Twitter follower count over time.

How do I see my exact Twitter follower count?

Twitter is a great social networking site. However, it can be difficult to track your follower count over time. There are a few different ways you can track your follower count on Twitter.

Tracking your Twitter follower count – the hard way

The first way to track Twitter followers is by using Twitter’s built-in analytics. This will show you how many people followed you, who these followers are, and how often they follow you.

But it’s is not very user-friendly. Even though you can also view this information on a graph, it’s hard to track how your follower count has changed over time.

The efficient way to track Twitter follower count

The most user-friendly way to track your follower count is by using a third-party SaaS, like LabSocial. LabSocial makes it easy for users to track their Twitter follower count over time. It provides a dashboard that displays the user’s Twitter followers, as well as the number of new followers that were gained each day. This information is helpful for gauging how well the user’s Twitter presence is doing, and whether there are any areas that need improvement.

How often does Twitter update follower count in Twitter analytics?

Twitter analytics updates account metrics once every 24 hours, through the previous day. This means that follower counts for Tweets that were posted after 7 p.m. Pacific Time on the previous day will be updated by Twitter at 7 a.m. Pacific Time on the next day.

Information about a Tweet from the Tweet activity is updated in real-time.

Why does the Twitter follower count fluctuate?

Your followers have the ability to unfollow you at any time. Some people use this as a growth hack and automated unfollowing people after a while, which is very annoying to most Twitter users.

In addition, the Twitter follower count fluctuates because people delete their Twitter accounts, or their Twitter accounts get suspended. Twitter has said that recent fluctuations in follower counts are due to taking action on accounts that violate the spam policy.

Can I hide my follower count on Twitter?

Twitter does not offer an option to hide the number of followers you have, as well as how many people you are following.

How to boost your Twitter follower count?

If you are serious about increasing your Twitter follower count and building a loyal audience, LabSocial can help you to do that by offering various useful features. Click here to check out how LabSocial can boost your Twitter growth.

Twitter followers are a metric that many users look at to determine the success of a Twitter account. The number of new followers gained each day can be helpful in gauging how well the user’s Twitter presence is doing.

LabSocial’s Twitter tool makes it easier to track users’ Twitter growth who are serious about building an audience and personal brand by using a premium tool.

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